CCFL Battles for Life at Conception Act

CCFL Battles for Life at Conception Act

A “blob of tissue,” “product of conception,” that’s what Planned Parenthood calls babies in the womb. Yet, they make money on selling tiny baby body parts after sucking them out of the mother.

Pro-lifers instinctively know what science has proven, at the moment of conception, you have a genetically distinct human life.

The Life at Conception Act, legally establishes that life begins the moment of conception. At which point, unborn children must be granted their constitutional right to life as noted by the Supreme Court in the Roe V Wade ruling;

“…if this suggestion of personhood is established, the appellant’s case {i.e. Roe} of course collapses, for the fetus’s right to life is then guaranteed by the 14th Amendment.” 

That’s why your Colorado Campaign for Life is doing everything possible to support the Life at Conception Act and overturning Roe v. Wade.

CCFL is signing up petitioners and sending thousands of mailings across the state, supporting the Life at Conception Act.

CCFL Executive Director Christy Rodriquez is fighting shoulder to shoulder with “Pro-Life Legislator of the Year” (2014), Representative Steve Humphrey and testifying before State House Committees on behalf of the unborn and Colorado Campaign for Life members urging legislators to support the Life at Conception Act.

Planned Parenthood, NARAL and abortionists always show up to ensure that the politicians bought and paid for by the abortion lobby toe the line and kill the bill in committee. 

This past session, 2016, despite the proven science behind life at conception, Planned Parenthood’s politicians Buckner, Esgar, Lontine, Primavera, Ryden, Ginal, McCann were installed on the HIE Committee to ensure the bill was killed. After all, killing is what they do best.

This year Representative Kim Ransom (R) (HD44) is toeing the line for women as the Co-Prime Sponsor, with Representative Humphrey, on the Life at Conception act.

We’re already ramping up efforts to legally recognize the lives of tiny humans in the womb. CCFL Volunteers were again gathering signatures at this year’s March for Life Celebration were thousands of Colorado Pro-lifers gathered in support of Life.

You can join the thousands here by signing your Life at Conception Act Petition – click here.


Endorsement from Representative Saine

Endorsement from Representative Saine

My name is Lori Saine and I’m the Pro-Life Conservative Representative for Colorado’s House District 63 and this year’s Colorado Campaign for Life’s 2016 Pro-life Defender.

Many people thank me for defending the unborn in the legislature.  But, today, I want to thank you for supporting Colorado Campaign for Life.

I sponsored the RIGHT Act – legislation enabling women to see their own ultrasound in an abortion clinic for many reasons but mainly because so many women are not told the truth at  some of these so-called ‘women’s clinics’.  I’ve heard that moms were told their baby was dead and they must abort, but in fact their baby was alive.   

Before the committee hearing for the RIGHT Act, CCFL mailed, emailed and Facebooked Pro-lifers garnering support of my bill. At the Capitol, your Executive Director sat by my side supporting the RIGHT Act because it’s been proven to save lives in other states.  Sadly, pro-aborts in the legislature killed the bill.

That’s just a sliver of what Colorado Campaign for Life does.  When pro-aborts attacked me this year, CCFL contacted Pro-Lifers in my district to tell them about my pro-life record.  And they’ve done the same for other pro-life legislators in Colorado.

That’s not easy. Pro-aborts have taxpayer monies pouring in through Planned Parenthood and other avenues. But, Colorado Campaign for Life relies solely on the contributions and support of good Pro-lifers like you.     

CCFL is changing the face of the legislature. I know when I run a life-saving piece of legislation like the RIGHT Act, or when Representative Humphrey runs the Life at Conception Act, CCFL will be there!

But, we need more Pro-life legislators in the Capitol if we are ever going to see unborn babies protected from abortion predators.     

That’s why I support Colorado Campaign for Life.  I pray you’ll join me in this critical work to end abortion on demand and saving the next generation of Coloradans by supporting Colorado Campaign for Life.


Lori Saine
State Representative