About Colorado Campaign for Life

Colorado Campaign for Life is established on four major tenets:

  1. Every human life is precious in the eyes of God.
  2. Science and common sense dictates that life begins at conception.
  3. It is clear that abortion is the wanton taking of human life.
  4. No truly great nation can allow this practice to take place.

More than 55 million precious little babies have lost their lives since the dreadful Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

Volunteers and members of Colorado Campaign for Life are dedicated to ending this slaughter once and for all. Despite the many remaining obstacles, we remain faithful and we can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Our Focus

Colorado Campaign for Life occupies a unique and important role in the pro-life movement. The focus of many other pro-life organizations is research, publications or counseling.

While these are important and worthy activities, the primary focus of Colorado Campaign for Life is passing pro-life legislation that will protect the unborn from the moment of conception onward.

We believe that it is not sufficient to merely support minor regulations on abortion in a few outrageous cases.

A wide array of legislative opportunities exists today upon which pro-life Americans must capitalize. Every year, Colorado Campaign for Life members will be polled to set legislative and tactical priorities.

Please, click on the “Contact” tab above to learn more about the initiatives the Colorado Campaign for Life and its members rank as top priorities.

None of these battles will be easy. But they are all ultimately winnable. Pro-lifers owe the unborn nothing less.

Grass-Roots Pressure Has Built Record Support in Colorado for Ending, Not Merely Regulating, Abortion-on-Demand.

Members of the Colorado Campaign for Life lobby both incumbents and candidates for office to come out clearly for measures like a Life at Conception Act to legislatively define constitutionally-protected “personhood” as beginning at the moment of conception.

Colorado Campaign for Life is on the frontline.

The grass-roots lobbying efforts of statewide members and pro-life advocates, have garnered a record level of support and cosponsors for such substantive measures.

The fact is, even with pro-abortion politicians still in leadership positions in the Senate and a radical Governor, pro-lifers have record support in Colorado. Many Senators and Representatives to the Sate were elected on pro-life platforms.

Now pro-lifers must hold the feet of each and every self-proclaimed “pro-life” politician to the fire and demand meaningful legislation to limit, and ultimately end, abortion-on-demand.

Politicians Must Be Constantly Reminded That Pro-Lifers Are Out There.

The Colorado Campaign for Life, through its members’ intensive grassroots lobbying program, has already grabbed the attention of officeholders at the Capital.

Political accountability is the only way to bring about real pro-life reforms.

If these democratically-elected politicians want to keep their jobs, then they must heed the wishes of the people of Colorado.

Yet pro-abortion politicians from both parties will use every trick available to stop pro-life legislation. Nevertheless, this is a fight pro-lifers can ultimately win and must carry on, for the sake of the unborn

This will only happen if citizens from all walks of life across the State work together.

And that’s what the Colorado Campaign for Life is all about.

Please explore the rest of this site to find out more about the pro-life legislation CCFL is working to pass and how you can join.

Also, click on the “Contact” tab above to learn more about the initiatives the Colorado Campaign for Life and its members rank as top priorities and add your opinion.

Thanks again for your interest in our program and your support for the unborn.



Christy Rodriquez
Executive Director