Pro-Life Legislator of the Year

No squishes at CCFL’s Award’s Dinner. Only staunch Pro-Life Lawmakers who worked with Colorado Campaign for Life, sponsoring proven lifesaving legislation were recognized on stage.

Representative Patrick Neville is 2016’s CCFL Pro-Life Legislator of the Year, for sponsoring the Women’s Health Protection Act.

While abortion advocates in the Health   Insurance and Environment Committee,  attacked Rep. Neville, he staunchly defended unborn babies and women subject to abortion predators like Kermit Gosnell. 

Representative Lori Saine, is this year’s Pro-Life Defender, for her lifesaving  ‘RIGHT Act’ (HB1218), a common sense bill bitterly opposed by Planned Parenthood and pals.

Those very same Planned Parenthood Politicians who killed the Life at Conception Act, were charged with killing the Women’s Health Protection Act  and the RIGHT Act.

Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby routinely buy-off politicians by filling campaign coffers with cash.

In return, those so-called lawmakers, quash bills that threaten the abortion industry and ensure taxpayer monies keep pumping into Planned Parenthood.

Standing against the abortion ‘Goliath’ for the sake of the unborn takes guts.  Legislators working with CCFL on these bills know they’ll likely be ambushed during the election season.

That’s why CCFL recognizes these Pro-life champions. And, that’s why your support of CCFL is so critical in ending abortion in Colorado. 


Christy Rodriquez
Executive Director

Pro-Life Legislator of the Year

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