Meet our Executive Director, Christy Rodriquez

The abortion giant Planned Parenthood started the ‘shout out your abortion’ campaign advancing the illusion that abortion will lead women into independence, personal bliss and wild success.

What a farce. How can any woman look at a bloody dismembered baby and shout for joy? 

The truth is, millions of women have thoughts of suicide and struggle with psychological problems. And, sadly, some women become sterile after abortion.

That’s not at a catchy tagline for abortion promoters.

Most women don’t want to talk about their abortion. The horror, shame and pain is too great.

And so, the abortion industry makes up campaigns glamorizing abortion; creating more customers and victims.

I can tell you – first hand – the ‘glamour’ is a lie. The ‘freedom’ is a lie. The ‘choice’ is a lie.

At 20 years old, I lived in New York City alone. Admittedly, I was a fearless sinner and soon found myself within the grasp of the abortion industry.

After sifting through pages of yellow page ads, I entered an office in Midtown Manhattan where the receptionist sat behind a bullet proof glass. It smelled like both a meat packing plant and dentist’s office. And, at 9 am, the large lobby was already packed, mostly with black and Hispanic women.

As we were herded from one room to the next our numbers diminished to about 20 where we were told to line up and pull our pants down, in front of everyone, to receive an injection. At the height of the Aids epidemic, they used the same needle on all of us. 

In what I now call ‘the killing room’, 10 women who were on OB tables, were positioned wagon wheel style and partitioned only by thin ER type curtains. 

We could hear everything; the whirr and hiss of the suction machine, the cries of the other women…

But by then the drugs were taking affect and it was easy to ignore the sounds and sink into the warm oblivion of the medication. Until the abortionist came in.

I’ll spare you the details of the physical pain. Honestly, much of it I can’t remember through the drug induced fog. When I came to, I was already outside the clinic but to this day I’m not sure how I got home.

It’s difficult to imagine how anyone could think ‘shouting out your abortion’ could be a good thing but it starts with legality. We tend to think, “Certainly abortion would be illegal if it were bad – right?”

Wrong. That’s why working for you as Executive Director of CCFL is such an honor and privilege. We’re bringing to light the culprits who are complicit in the lies of the industry by legislatively promoting the most deadly scourge of our time – abortion. 

I pray you will stand with Colorado Campaign for Life in exposing Pro-aborts in the public square and working to change the culture from one that glamorizes death to one that embraces life and is reflected in our laws.


Christy Rodriquez
Executive Director

Meet our Executive Director, Christy Rodriquez

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