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2017 Your Life at Conception Petitions Delivered! Pro-Abort Politicians Don’t Care

2017 Your Life at Conception Petitions Delivered! Pro-Abort Politicians Don’t Care
Thousands of CCFL Members’ Petitions Submitted to HIE Committee for Life at Conception Act

Just after midnight I delivered your petitions supporting the Life at Conception Act to the
Health Insurance and Environment Committee at the Capitol, where the bill was heard.

For hours on end, Planned Parenthood politicians heard personal testimony
from women who endured the horrors of abortion firsthand.

They heard the testimony from a man who was adopted after his mother, a rape victim,
gave him his life despite the circumstances he was conceived in.

For hours they heard legal experts testify on the Constitutionality of protecting
the unborn.

And, in a bold testimony given by the CEO of Life Choices Medical Center,
they heard the scientific description from a former abortionist (Dr. Anthony Levatino)
on the procedure of a 1st and 2nd trimester abortion.

They can’t say they didn’t know – they heard every horrible detail. 

And, still, Pro-aborts in the Committee voted to kill the bill.

The Pro-aborts in the legislature think we’re finished.  They think we will quietly

go away so they can keep pushing their deadly agenda with impunity.

They are wrong.  You and I have come too far to quit now.

Colorado Campaign for Life will keep pushing for the protection of the unborn Colorado
babies whose very lives are threatened by Pro-aborts in the legislature.

We will not stop until abortion on demand ends.

That’s why today I ask you first to pray. 

Pray for the women who are thinking they need to abort their child.

Pray for the good Pro-life legislators who endured the attacks of the pro-abortion crowd. 
Pray that we will have the divine victory.

Second, I ask that you continue to stand with us.  We’re not done – we’re just getting warmed up.

Stand with us for victory!

~Christy Rodriquez

CCFL Battles for Life at Conception Act

CCFL Battles for Life at Conception Act

A “blob of tissue,” “product of conception,” that’s what Planned Parenthood calls babies in the womb. Yet, they make money on selling tiny baby body parts after sucking them out of the mother.

Pro-lifers instinctively know what science has proven, at the moment of conception, you have a genetically distinct human life.

The Life at Conception Act, legally establishes that life begins the moment of conception. At which point, unborn children must be granted their constitutional right to life as noted by the Supreme Court in the Roe V Wade ruling;

“…if this suggestion of personhood is established, the appellant’s case {i.e. Roe} of course collapses, for the fetus’s right to life is then guaranteed by the 14th Amendment.” 

That’s why your Colorado Campaign for Life is doing everything possible to support the Life at Conception Act and overturning Roe v. Wade.

CCFL is signing up petitioners and sending thousands of mailings across the state, supporting the Life at Conception Act.

CCFL Executive Director Christy Rodriquez is fighting shoulder to shoulder with “Pro-Life Legislator of the Year” (2014), Representative Steve Humphrey and testifying before State House Committees on behalf of the unborn and Colorado Campaign for Life members urging legislators to support the Life at Conception Act.

Planned Parenthood, NARAL and abortionists always show up to ensure that the politicians bought and paid for by the abortion lobby toe the line and kill the bill in committee. 

This past session, 2016, despite the proven science behind life at conception, Planned Parenthood’s politicians Buckner, Esgar, Lontine, Primavera, Ryden, Ginal, McCann were installed on the HIE Committee to ensure the bill was killed. After all, killing is what they do best.

This year Representative Kim Ransom (R) (HD44) is toeing the line for women as the Co-Prime Sponsor, with Representative Humphrey, on the Life at Conception act.

We’re already ramping up efforts to legally recognize the lives of tiny humans in the womb. CCFL Volunteers were again gathering signatures at this year’s March for Life Celebration were thousands of Colorado Pro-lifers gathered in support of Life.

You can join the thousands here by signing your Life at Conception Act Petition – click here.


Pro-Life Legislator of the Year

Pro-Life Legislator of the Year

No squishes at CCFL’s Award’s Dinner. Only staunch Pro-Life Lawmakers who worked with Colorado Campaign for Life, sponsoring proven lifesaving legislation were recognized on stage.

Representative Patrick Neville is 2016’s CCFL Pro-Life Legislator of the Year, for sponsoring the Women’s Health Protection Act.

While abortion advocates in the Health   Insurance and Environment Committee,  attacked Rep. Neville, he staunchly defended unborn babies and women subject to abortion predators like Kermit Gosnell. 

Representative Lori Saine, is this year’s Pro-Life Defender, for her lifesaving  ‘RIGHT Act’ (HB1218), a common sense bill bitterly opposed by Planned Parenthood and pals.

Those very same Planned Parenthood Politicians who killed the Life at Conception Act, were charged with killing the Women’s Health Protection Act  and the RIGHT Act.

Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby routinely buy-off politicians by filling campaign coffers with cash.

In return, those so-called lawmakers, quash bills that threaten the abortion industry and ensure taxpayer monies keep pumping into Planned Parenthood.

Standing against the abortion ‘Goliath’ for the sake of the unborn takes guts.  Legislators working with CCFL on these bills know they’ll likely be ambushed during the election season.

That’s why CCFL recognizes these Pro-life champions. And, that’s why your support of CCFL is so critical in ending abortion in Colorado. 


Christy Rodriquez
Executive Director

Planned Parenthood Politicians Kill Women’s Health Protection Bill

Planned Parenthood Politicians Kill Women’s Health Protection Bill

Dogs have more protective rights than women in Colorado abortion clinics. Yet, abortion proponents insist abortion must be legal to keep women from dying at the hands of amateur abortionists wielding a coat hanger.

But, after scouring Colorado statute, it’s evident that there is no oversight covering abortion clinics.

In fact, veterinary clinics and nail salons have a stricter code of conduct than abortion clinics.

CCFL Executive Director, Christy Rodriquez has personal experience with being treated like an animal in an abortion clinic.

“We were told to stand in a line of about 20   women,” Rodriquez recalls.  “At the end of the line they had us pull our pants down, in front of everyone in the room and gave us a shot using the same needle on all of us.” (See, Meet Our Executive Director for more of her personal testimony).

In December, 2016, Americans United for Life released a report; Unsafe: How The Public Health Crisis in America’s Abortion Clinics Endangers Women, documenting that 227 abortion providers in 32 states were cited for more than 1,400 health and safety deficiencies between 2008 and 2016.

However, there is no way of knowing what so-called health violations are perpetrated since there are no real laws regulating abortion clinics in Colorado.

In May 2013, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Abortionist Kermit Gosnell was convicted of murder for the deaths of 3 infants and of involuntary manslaughter of Karnamaya Mongar.

Investigators of Gosnell’s clinic found dead babies decomposing in bags and freezer containers, hoses used for abortion procedures and doubled as a resuscitation tube and a flea infested cat that was allowed to roam the halls, urinating and defecating inside the facility. These conditions prevailed for 17 years without intervention.

Is there a Kermit Gosnell in Colorado?  No one really knows.  That’s why CCFL again supported the Women’s Health Protection Act, Sponsored by Representative Patrick Neville in 2016. 

CCFL was instrumental in the new draft version of the Women’s Health Protection Act, expected to be heard this legislative session and again sponsored by Representative Neville.

When abortion clinics are held accountable to safety standards comparable to those followed by nail salons and veterinary clinics, rather than comply, they will often close their doors. 

When abortion mills are closed lives are saved.  That’s why CCFL supports the Women’s Health Protection Act this year as well.

However, despite the compelling testimony garnered by Colorado Campaign for Life in 2016, the politicians owned by Planned Parenthood on the House Health Insurance and Environment Committee, killed the bill.

We will keep you updated as to the progress of the Women’s Health Protection Act.


Christy Rodriquez
Executive Director