2017 Your Life at Conception Petitions Delivered! Pro-Abort Politicians Don’t Care

Thousands of CCFL Members’ Petitions Submitted to HIE Committee for Life at Conception Act

Just after midnight I delivered your petitions supporting the Life at Conception Act to the
Health Insurance and Environment Committee at the Capitol, where the bill was heard.

For hours on end, Planned Parenthood politicians heard personal testimony
from women who endured the horrors of abortion firsthand.

They heard the testimony from a man who was adopted after his mother, a rape victim,
gave him his life despite the circumstances he was conceived in.

For hours they heard legal experts testify on the Constitutionality of protecting
the unborn.

And, in a bold testimony given by the CEO of Life Choices Medical Center,
they heard the scientific description from a former abortionist (Dr. Anthony Levatino)
on the procedure of a 1st and 2nd trimester abortion.

They can’t say they didn’t know – they heard every horrible detail. 

And, still, Pro-aborts in the Committee voted to kill the bill.

The Pro-aborts in the legislature think we’re finished.  They think we will quietly

go away so they can keep pushing their deadly agenda with impunity.

They are wrong.  You and I have come too far to quit now.

Colorado Campaign for Life will keep pushing for the protection of the unborn Colorado
babies whose very lives are threatened by Pro-aborts in the legislature.

We will not stop until abortion on demand ends.

That’s why today I ask you first to pray. 

Pray for the women who are thinking they need to abort their child.

Pray for the good Pro-life legislators who endured the attacks of the pro-abortion crowd. 
Pray that we will have the divine victory.

Second, I ask that you continue to stand with us.  We’re not done – we’re just getting warmed up.

Stand with us for victory!

~Christy Rodriquez

2017 Your Life at Conception Petitions Delivered! Pro-Abort Politicians Don’t Care

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